My note of gratitude for the FitSTEPS for Life® program at the Charles Sammons Cancer Center- and special appreciation for Kathy Kresnick-is long overdue. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and started radiation treatments in late August. No one had told me about the FitSTEPS for Life® program but luckily I saw the signs and picked up a brochure-and then dropped by the exercise room. I met Kathy and I learned that exercising could actually help relieve the side effects of radiation and even help fight the recurrence of cancer. When I realized that it could be and should be part of my treatment, it made that long six and a half weeks so much easier. I truly believe it was and is an essential part of my treatment and my journey. Kathy and her team make everyone feel welcome and they always have time to show you new things and keep you motivated. Most of time you go in and out of treatments quickly so going to exercise was the positive point of the day. You should be very proud of this team and this program. I hope that more and more patients can take advantage of it. I can honestly say Kathy has me in better shape after radiation than before and I am truly grateful. I hope that all the doctors and nurses at Baylor know about this wonderful resource. Thanks so much for making this available to the patients. For me, it has made all the difference.