cancer exercise specialist

Patient Eligibility

  • All adult cancer patients are eligible, regardless of:
    • Type or stage of cancer
    • Degree of disability including wheelchair or oxygen dependency
    • Position in the cancer care continuum (prehabilitation, during or following treatment and palliation)
    • Presence of any combination or complexity of co-morbid conditions

Benefits of FitSteps for Life®:

  • Improve survival up to 50% in common cancers
  • Increase the quality of life for survivors
  • Mitigation of chemotherapy side effects including fatigue and nausea.
  • Educate patients about the role and importance of exercise in cancer treatment
  • Improve functional capacity
  • Alleviate and lessen cancer treatment symptoms
  • Identify, modify and manage risk factors to reduce side effects, co-morbidities, and mortality
  • Enhance independence
  • May enhance the effectiveness of chemotherapy
  • Enhances the patient immune system in the same pathways as targeted therapy

FitSteps for Life® Approach:

  • Medically supervised
  • No cost to the patient for their lifetime
  • Evidence-based practice guidelines
  • Certified cancer exercise professionals supervise the individualized exercises
  • Lifestyle modification
  • Blood pressure measurement prior and after each session
  • Continuous monitor of oxygen levels and pulse during exercise if needed
  • Monitored progressive exercise/activity
  • Individualized program, typically 3x/week
  • Physician referral required