Cancer Foundation For Life®
FitSteps for Life® Grant Application

Cancer Foundation For Life® is focused on expanding its FitSteps for Life® program into cancer treatment centers nationwide. This will ensure more cancer patients and survivors have access to FitSteps for Life® and allows cancer care providers to incorporate exercise as a standard component of cancer treatment.

Although the Foundation has deep roots in East Texas, there is a profound sense of obligation to serve ALL cancer patients and survivors. Through our Move on Cancer campaign and its generous supporters, we are able to offer grants to qualifying health care providers who share the same passion and commitment to improving the lives of those affected by cancer.

Before beginning the FitSteps for Life® grant process, click below and download to review this Grant Information Packet. It will give you insight into what the grant will require if awarded.

Grant Guidelines

  • The organization seeking a grant should be directly involved with the treatment and care of adult cancer patients and acknowledge the benefits of exercise in cancer treatment.
  • All oncologists on staff should support FitSteps for Life® by referring patients.
  • The amount awarded will not exceed $100,000.
  • Due to the number of requests received, the Foundation cannot respond favorably to all requests.
  • Organizations who are awarded funds, must commit to sustaining the program for a minimum of 5 years upon utilization of the granted funds.

Grant Application

  • After reviewing the grant guidelines, if your organization’s request fulfills the grant requirements, please fill out and submit the Grant Application Form.
  • Please note that the Grant Application Form and the related documents should be submitted online using the link below.
  • As part of the evaluation process and prior to grant approval, an on-site visit may be required.
  • The Cancer Foundation For Life® Grant Committee will meet quarterly to consider requests, but proposals are accepted at any time throughout the year.
  • The Grant Committee has the responsibility for the final approval of each grant. A decision not to fund a proposal does not reflect on the merits of the applicant or the value of the proposal.