exercise during cancer treatment

You have cancer. 

Hearing those words from a doctor is life changing. 

The prospect of enduring cancer treatment, its associated side effects, and the uncertainty of the outcome is overwhelming. As an oncologist who provided care for cancer patients for 35 years, I saw firsthand the amazing physical and psychological restorative power of exercise during treatment. Since founding Cancer Foundation For Life in 2001, I have witnessed many inspiring transformations. Cancer patients who once faced an uncertain future now look forward to each new day. We owe it to all cancer patients to bring this treatment to the forefront and ensure that all people, both now and in the future, have this tool as a routine treatment.

Gary T. Kimmel, M.D.
Founder and Chairman Emeritus
Cancer Foundation For Life

Move on Cancer

The National Campaign to Transform Cancer Treatment

Principal Goals:

  • Generate $7 million in philanthropic investments to provide expansion nationally with continued sustainability.
  • Champion the cause that FitSteps for Life® become a Standard of Treatment for cancer.
  • Partner with major healthcare providers to network FitSteps for Life® nationally.
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