exercise and cancer

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Cancer Foundation for Life®

Mission Statement

To enhance the quality of life and survival for individuals living with cancer.

Vision Statement

To incorporate individually tailored and supervised exercise programs as a standard of care in oncology practice.


Cancer Foundation For Life® is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in Tyler, Texas, in 2001, by retired oncologist Gary T. Kimmel, M.D. Well-established leaders from the medical and business community comprise a board of directors who share his vision of enhancing cancer treatment through the incorporation of a structured, long-term exercise program.


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Our Core Values

Cancer Foundation For life® operates on these core values:

  • Commitment to providing service excellence to patients through FitSteps for Life®
  • Universal accessibility to a standard-of-care model for incorporation of exercise in cancer treatment
  • Continuous innovation of exercise program applications in cancer treatment
  • Expansion of the FitSteps for Life® exercise program to serve the needs of as many cancer patients as possible
  • Perpetual resource for research to influence the incorporation of exercise in cancer treatment

Our Impact

Since 2001, the Cancer Foundation For Life® has contributed $11 million in services directly to the care of cancer survivors.