Cancer Foundation For Life and FitSteps for Life 20th Anniversary Luncheon

On April 19, 2022, Cancer Foundation For Life (CFFL) – and its signature FitSteps for Life program – celebrated 20 years of service through the power of looking up and climbing higher. Approximately 300 FitSteps patients, physicians, donors, and other friends joined together at the “Climbing Higher” luncheon held at the CrossWalk Conference Center in Tyler.  The event featured keynote speaker, Sean Swarner.  Sean has crested the summit of Mt. Everest– the first cancer survivor to do so. Swarner is now the only person to have climbed the “7 Summits” – the highest mountain on every continent, trekked to the North and South Poles, and completed the Hawaii Ironman, all with one functioning lung.

“Sean’s message of hope through adversity touched everyone attending the event,” said Jennifer Selman. “His life’s focus on turning the impossible to
the possible – one step at a time – fits perfectly with the mission of FitSteps for Life.”