We provide cancer patients with the tools to forward your life beyond cancer. By building strength and a sense of empowerment, you gain hope, peace, and a new meaning and sense of value for life in your fight against cancer. 


Help us educate patients about the importance of exercise and its role in cancer treatment. Benefits of increased treatment effectiveness, improved immune system, mitigation of chemotherapy side effects, and survival up to 50% are significant in the treatment of cancer. 


Become a leader in oncology care by offering a comprehensive, patient-centered treatment plan including exercise prescription. Helping patients achieve the desired outcomes of your prescribed treatment gives them ownership in their battle against cancer.


Are you passionate about cancer or exercise? Volunteer your time, care, and passion to support patients through their cancer journey and help them reach their health and fitness goals. There are many ways you can donate to Cancer Foundation for Life.


We offer the FitSteps for Life® program as the pioneer and leader in cancer exercise treatment, prescribing individualized and structured exercise treatment plans specifically for cancer patients. It is the only known community-based program that is provided free for the lifetime of the patient.

Scientific studies continue to demonstrate the unprecedented benefits of exercise in cancer care. FitSteps for Life® provides these benefits to cancer patients while restoring hope, purpose, and meaning, moving them forward in their cancer journey.


FitSteps for Life has transformed the lives of many of my patients.  They feel so much better doing FitSteps and recover from their breast cancer treatment much faster with this program.  Most importantly FitSteps saves lives by helping my patients achieve a healthy lifestyle and avoid the weight gain that comes with a sedentary lifestyle.… Read more “”

Dr. Joyce O’Shaughnessy, MD

FitSteps for Life was a wonderfully strong and vibrant lifeline after my diagnosis with Stage III breast cancer. No matter your activity or fitness level before cancer, once you start treatment (and even after you finish!), everything changes. Having a professional team, knowledgeable on what I was going through, not only gave me appropriate exercises,… Read more “”

Beth F, survivor

I learned about FitSteps while being treated for lung cancer. I had to do something to help my body fight this cancer. I noticed after exercising that I had less nausea, more energy, and actually wanted to eat. I just felt better. They helped me build up my strength, and I was even able to… Read more “”

Max E, survivor
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